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Flexiblity a key ingredient to the Risk Warden platform

Do you want to assess a risk that we don’t offer as standard? No problem, simply create your own custom risk type in 4 easy steps…

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Custom workflows lets you customise it to your way of working

When creating or customising an existing risk type, you can create custom statuses and workflows. This way you don’t have adapt to our workflow, it adpats to yours.

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Customisable question sets lets you evaluate a risk your way

We know that you have your own way of assessing your particular risk type. So we have built our platform with felxibility in mind, giving you the ability to make our default risk types your own.

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It’s incredible! Risk Warden has saved me and my team so much time, don’t know what I would do without it now.
Gabriel howard, PRS Fire Consuktants