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Keep all your risk related documents in one place, making them available to the right people across your organisation.

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Let us worry about the renewal deadlines

Let Risk Warden automatically remind you about those documents that require periodic renewals or inspections. This will save you time and help your organisation remain compliant.

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One upload, link to multiple assessable areas

Risk Warden allows you to link a single document to multiple assessable areas / units within your organisation saving you loads of time.

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Automatic versioning

All document uploads are versioned so you always have the option to view or rollback to a previous version.

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Evidence based task completion

Need a way to integrate evidence into your tasking in the form of before and after images. We’ve got you covered…

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It’s incredible! Risk Warden has saved me and my team so much time, don’t know what I would do without it now.
Gabriel howard, PRS Fire Consuktants