Customisable reports and dashboards

Have you ever looked at a report and thought, “I wish I had that information in this report”. We offer you a completely customisable experience when it comes to our reports. Add & remove columns, resize them, reorder them the way you want to see them and apply custom sorts.

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Get the right information, at the right time, in the right place.

Customise what reports and dashboards are available to you in any “section”. Pin new reports or dashboards to any “section”, hide existing ones or re-order them in the priority you want to see them, all in a matter of seconds.

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Create custom reports & dashboards

Want to see information in a specific format using a specific chart / graph? We’ve got you covered with our custom reports and dashboards. Create your own in a matter of minutes with our drag & drop report builder.

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Saved filters are just a couple of clicks away

Have you found your self searching for the same information over and over? Save you and your team time by using our saved filters which can be setup and accessed in seconds.

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Share reports quickly and easily

We make it quick and easy to send a report, in any format, to anyone within your organisation in just a few clicks.

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We all have our favourite reports and dashboards

Add a report to your favourites in one click. All your favourites are then always available in no more than 2 clicks.

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Schedule a report for download

All of our reports can be downloaded into various formats. When you request an download, you don’t even need to hang around the page for it to become available. We will send you an email when it is ready to download.

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Have all the data you will ever need in one place!  
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It’s incredible! Risk Warden has saved me and my team so much time, don’t know what I would do without it now.
Gabriel howard, PRS Fire Consuktants