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5 Simple Steps to COVID-19 Compliance

Why does my business need to do this?

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has produced a ‘Working Safely During Covid-19’ set of guidance documents which sets a requirement that before going back to work “That all employers carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment”.

The HSE IHealth & Safety Executive) will enforce this requirement using 2 key pieces of legislation The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation 1999, which states “it is the responsibility of businesses to identify, decide on the likelihood and seriousness of outcomes then take action to eliminate the risk” and RIDDOR, the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulation 2013.

Start making your workplace safer for your employees and customers today!

Protect your business against COVID-19

  • Simple 5 Step on-line COVID-19 risk assessment solution runs on any device
  • Aids your compliance with current UK Government guidance & legislation
  • Easy self assessment process to fast-track your business compliance
  • 8 x compliance templates to suit your specific business
  • Guides you through the correct protection measures for your business

  • Automatically generates detailed task list from your risk assessment
  • Store your ‘live’ risk assessment with evidence that support your actions taken
  • Tools and dashboard to delegate, track and monitor tasks and risk status
  • Receive alerts as changes are released based on new Government guidance

Start your COVID-19 self assessment today for your specific business needs  today!

COVID-19 Risk Assessments for your specific business needs

Generate your COVID-19 Risk Assessment from our 8 compliance templates to match your specific work types and workplaces

Construction and other outdoor work

Shops and branches

Other people's homes

Offices and contact centres

Factories, plants and warehouses

Restaurants offering takeaway or delivery

Labs and research facilities

Save time and become compliant today!

Example COVID-19 Self Assessment PDF output

If you need a PDF copy of the assessment to share around the office or upload to your website, simply download the assessment in PDF format
once your COVID-19 compliance risk self assessment has been internally approved.

Sample screenshots of the PDF format – click image to enlarge.

After you sign up our explainer videos, and online help, will guide you through every step.

All our subscriptions come with every feature

We feel that all our tools and features are necessary to effectively manage your estate which is why they are all included.

How can I get started?

To create your COVID-19 Risk Assessment quickly and easily sign up here.

To learn more about our programme and the advantages it can have to your business please contact us.

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