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Benefits of using Risk Warden

Increases efficiency & saves time

Our digital risk assessment solution provides you with multiple time-saving tools and features to increase your team’s productivity

Increases accuracy & consistency

Risk Warden proven assessment methodology improves your team’s assessment accuracy and consistency

Gives you a competitive advantage

Give your customers access to a digital solution to easily action your risk assessments, reduce risk and increase control over compliance

Improves strategic performance

Make staff oversight, management information and analytics available in real time, leading to quicker and more informed decisions

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Useful tools for your business

Risk Warden gives you all the tools you need to increase revenue and future proof your business.

Assess risk quickly

Assess your customers’ property risks consistently and efficiently.

  • Best in class risk assessment functionality
  • Easily editable
  • Time-saving templates and pre-sets
  • Approval/validation process
  • Efficient reassessments
  • Mobile app with off-line capabilities

Schedule assessments

Streamline and keep on top of every risk assessment and reassessment to ensure no revenue is missed.

  • Schedule assessments in advance
  • Reassessment automatically scheduled
  • Reminders sent well in advance

White labelling/branding

Keep your brand fresh in the minds of your customers to keep them coming back.

  • Branded PDF outputs
  • Customisable PDF outputs
  • Branded portal & assessment view


Track, monitor, review, and analyse

Keep on top of every aspect of your risk management needs all from a single platform.

  • Risk assessment trends and analytics
  • Work-in-progress dashboard
  • Upcoming assessment planning
  • Reassessment planning
  • Standard & custom reports & dashboards

Start making your risk assessment tasks, actionable, accountable and auditable.
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