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Risk Warden dramatically mitigates potential human error for risk owners and risk assessors, optimises consistency and gives you the power of a real-time overview of your company’s assets.

For Risk Assessors

As a risk assessor - revolutionise the way you conduct Risk Assessments and future proof your business by using a paperless, cloud based risk assessment platform. Perform on-site assessments quickly, efficiently and accurately using our structured and systematic approach.

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For Risk Owners

As a risk owner - go Digital! Our bespoke property management software makes the process of assessing and managing your risk and compliance easier than ever. Our highly secure, cloud based, digital solution is highly scalable and can be configured to meet all your Risk Management needs.

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Achieve optimum control over your organisation’s property compliance and risk management.


The Compliance and Risk Management solution
your business needs

Assessor Tools

Everything you need to digitise the risk assessment lifecycle within your business and attract bigger customers.

Popular features

  • Overall Risk Position
  • Overall Compliance Score
  • Task/Action – Tracking
  • Risk Assessor Delegation/Collaboration
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Risk Management Tools

Everything you need to digitise, manage and track every aspect of your risk management process, all in one place.

Popular features

  • Custom RA Question Sets + Presets
  • Mobile App (Risk Assessment data capture online & offline)
  • Optional Client Access to GRC Solution (Commission)
  • White Labeling
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Compliance Management Tools

Everything you need to bring your property compliance under control. Govern, track and action every aspect of your compliance lifecycle.

Popular features

  • Validation Process / Quality Assurance
  • Mobile App (Risk Assessment data capture online & offline)
  • Custom Reporting + Dashboards
  • Standardised Approch to Assessing Risk
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