Customer portals, the secret door to customer satisfaction

What is a customer portal? 

A customer portal is a secure area in the cloud that provides clients with a single point of access to company information relevant to them, such as assessments, estate components, tasks, etc. Customer portals are available 24/7 and can be accessed via desktop or laptop computers and mobile devices, including iOS and Android tablets.

There are many benefits that you and your clients can obtain from customer portals: the most common include increased customer satisfaction, improved communication, the removal of time-consuming, costly, non-value-added data entry and the reduction in human error.

Perhaps the most pertinent customer portals benefit is that they can be integrated with your primary business systems, enabling you to automate the transfer of information between your systems using API’s, in real-time.

This particular use of customer portals help employees and clients access and update relevant information quickly and efficiently. In short, customer portals are excellent for many things, such as communication with clients and document management. Powerful collaboration capabilities also make efficient and timely communication a breeze, leading to better customer satisfaction and retention.

Risk assessment reports

It takes a lot of time to pull information together to create risk assessment reports; it doesn’t matter whether it’s high level or granular, internal or for the client. And what about the added headache of how to transfer the information between you and your client?

The above scenarios can be problematic because:

  1. Information needed to collate reports may be saved across a broad spectrum of digital services.
  2. Information you want to share may be shared through varying technologies, not all of which may offer you the appropriate data security.

To add to this, you’re managing a team of Risk Assessors who all have their own way of doing things. Can we say problematic? Standardisation of information varies from assessor to assessor, making like-for-like comparisons virtually impossible, adding a whole new layer to the onion.

So, what happens when it comes to reporting and scheduling re-assessments?
It’s difficult enough to get the initial assessment information pulled together; what about when it comes to doing it all again for the same client, say 1 year later. Don’t waste time on repetitive manual data entry and rescheduling; adopt a joined-up digital approach.

Managing risk assessment data digitally

Risk Warden has been developed by a team of experienced Risk Assessors and Compliance experts, with the sole purpose of streamlining and speeding up the process of gathering and then managing Risk Assessment data digitally.

Working from the idea of a “single source of truth”, where everything relating to the assessment process is standardised, securely stored, categorised, reportable, and fully auditable.

Win back precious time and establish confidence in your ability to get the correct information fast, every time. Gain customer satisfaction by collaborating with them via the free Customer portals. By inviting them to connect, you share a wealth of benefits and additional capabilities, such as managing their own estate, assessments, tasking, and compliance-related responsibilities.

You can even add your corporate branding to your User Interface (UI) and to all email correspondence sent via the platform and every PDF assessment you create. Your UI branding also extends to your customer’s portal, giving you added brand presence and keeping your brand and services at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

What are the benefits of switching to a fully automated digital platform? Find out more.

Digital risk assessment solution

Risk Warden is available from any computer, anywhere globally, thanks to Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud technology architecture. The Risk Warden platform has been designed by risk and compliance domain experts, clearly evidenced through its comprehensive and highly customisable approach to Risk Management.

With constantly expanding data histories, your organisation has no cause for concern; market-leading AWS cloud technology means that nothing gets lost, your data is available on-demand 24/7, all backed by an immutable audit trail.

Risk Warden’s out-of-the-box templates and functionality and highly configurable environment will help you to massively reduce the time taken to create, report, and access related business-critical documentation. Through sheer accuracy and ease of use, documenting and locating specific issues has never been simpler.

Risk Warden will not only streamline your processes and help you to shape the culture of your business, but it will also keep your business protected, productive and profitable.

Explore first-hand how Risk Warden can address your current and future Risk Assessment requirements. Experience how the platform can reinforce your assessment processes, accelerate on-site assessment, optimise data consistency, and unlock the power of real-time dashboards and on-demand reporting.

Understand how Risk Warden is helping organisations like yours to operate ever more efficiently and remain compliant at the forefront of the UK’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Request your 1:1 demo with a member of our sales team or simply get immediate hands-on access to the platform and your own free Risk Warden account.