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Fire Risk Assessment

It is the legal responsibility of an employer, owner, managing agent, or other people in control of a building, or liable for matters under their control or contractual obligations within that building, to arrange for a fire risk assessment to

Customer portals, the secret door to customer satisfaction

A customer portal is a secure area in the cloud that provides clients with a single point of access to company information relevant to them, such as assessments, estate components, tasks, etc.

Risk Assessments, Going Digital

Risk Assessments, Going Digital

What are the benefits of switching to a fully automated digital platform? When it comes to conducting a risk assessment, the principles are simple enough. In theory, there are 5 steps:

Risk Assessment Template Examples

Risk Assessment Template Examples

5 Steps To All Risk Assessment Templates - A risk assessment template can assist you to keep a simple record of who might be harmed and how, what you're already doing to control the risks, any further action required to

What is a Risk Assessment?

The purpose of a risk assessment is to look at your workplace or surroundings to identify situations, things and processes that may cause harm, in particular to people. 

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