Safety case report example screenshot

Release 3.6.0

Instantly upload photographic evidence to the right place

Safety case report example screenshot

Release 3.5.0

This release was developed to: 1. Allow you to create, manage and share safety case information 2. Allow you to create and manage tasks against documents 3. Improve performance

Document Collection - Compliance Software Tracking

Release 3.2.0

This release was developed to ensure that you can meet the obligations introduced as part of the more stringent regulatory regime including but not limited to the Building Safety Act.

Comprehensive estate management using our property risk and compliance management software

Release 3.3.0

This release was developed to: (1) improve compliance visualisation across your estate, (2) streamline estate access management and assignment, (3) streamline step 2 in the risk assessment process.

Fire Risk Assessment

It is the legal responsibility of an employer, owner, managing agent, or other people in control of a building, or liable for matters under their control or contractual obligations within that building, to arrange for a fire risk assessment to

Customer portals, the secret door to customer satisfaction

A customer portal is a secure area in the cloud that provides clients with a single point of access to company information relevant to them, such as assessments, estate components, tasks, etc.

Risk Management: Digital automation, the driving force to success

Risk Management: Digital automation, the driving force to success

How does your company rank when it comes to digital organisation and do they understand the benefits of digital automation? Have you completed an audit on the various and often disparate software packages you currently use to operate your Risk

Compliance Management Software

Compliance Management Platform: Will an out of the box software solution be enough?

We understand the many pain points involved in today's Compliance Management environment, especially when choosing a Compliance Management platform. With data management often spread across multiple IT systems, whether proprietary or vendor-supplied, there are limitations to what you can do,

Compliance Management – Is it possible to save time without compromising on quality whilst maintaining compliance levels?

What is Compliance Management?  The goal of Compliance Management is to reduce an organisation’s overall risk of non-compliance with the legal, regulatory, and industry standards that apply to the business. Effective corporate compliance management covers internal policies and rules, including

Risk Management - Save Time

Risk Management – Is it possible to save time without compromising on quality?

Risk management can be defined as a process utilised to identify, evaluate, and prioritise risk (defined in ISO 31000 as the effect of uncertainty on objectives); it is a coordinated and economical use of resources to minimise, monitor, and control