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Time saving pre-sets

Whether you use our time saving pre-set recommendations and remedial tasks or create your own, directly from the risk assessment, one thing is for certain. It’s gonna save your team oodles of time!

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Spending too much time matching photos to observations

Risk Warden allows you to upload the photo while you are making the observation, improving accuracy and making photo collation a thing of the past.

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Improve your teams consistency

Our customisable question checklists, pre-set recommendations and remedial tasks, risk assessment templates and risk information templates will keep your entire team on the same page.

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Make sure you cover all your bases

Each risk type contains a customisable, predefined question checklist, which means your team will not miss a beat.

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Plot hazards directly onto the floor plan

Risk Warden allows your team to plot the hazards directly onto a floor plan, saving you time. What’s more, each hazard has its own colour and icon which not only makes it look professional but also makes it extremely easy to understand.

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Score bar provides real-time feedback

As you are plot your hazards, the score bar displays, in real-time, what the overall risk assessment score is at that point in the risk assessment.

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No floor plan, no worries…

If you don’t have any floor plans or the hazard does not need to be plotted on a floor plan, like testing and maintenance records, you can enter them using list mode. Same process, just no graphical representation on the floor plan.

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Complete your Risk Assessments the Risk Warden way and
Increase your productivity by at least

Actionable, Accountable, Auditable

When a risk assessment is activated, the action plan is converted into actionable tasks which can be re-assigned or delegated and completed in seconds using bulk or single mode.

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Automatic risk reduction when actions are completed

Our unique risk offset feature means that every time a task is completed, it actually reduces the risk assessment score. This provides instant results and reinforces the importance of actioning tasking within a company’s culture.

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Internal quality assurance approval process

Make sure that everything is ship shape before activating or releasing the risk assessment to the client.

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Secure access for multiple authors

Assign temporary access to additional risk assessors to complete different parts of the risk assessment. This allows you to remain in control but gives you the flexibility to collaborate with multiple risk assessors within a single risk assessment.

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Internal & External download formats

Each download format provides subtle differences based on the audience that will be viewing the document. The PDF download can be white labelled and customised according to your requirements.

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Increase your teams productivity today! 
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It’s incredible! Risk Warden has saved me and my team so much time, don’t know what I would do without it now.
Gabriel howard, PRS Fire Consuktants